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let's cook!


Let’s face it - can you remember the last time you had a truly memorable pizza delivered? Or when was the last time you thought, “Wow, that frozen pizza was amazing!”

Yeah, we can’t either.

Come join Executive Chef Events for a gourmet, grown-up pizza party! Learn how to make Neapolitan pizza together with our pizzioli guiding you through every step. 

Freshly Baked Pizza

Wherever your event takes place, our staff sets up your group for success with trained chefs, gourmet ingredients, and our specialized pizza ovens, whose temperatures reach over 900 degrees!

We provide everything but your group’s appetite!

Our promise for this class is not only to throw the pizza party of your dreams but also to ensure your group has everything they need to make the best pizza from scratch at home - from dough to toppings to sauce to baking.

here is what to expect:


First, we start with a primer on making your own pizza dough that’ll be better than anything you can order in!
HINT - a quality pizza starts and ends with your dough.

Kneading Dough


Next, we’ll show your team how to make a quick and delicious tomato sauce, as well as how to shape and top your dough to get the best results. 

We'll also introduce you to flavor combinations you may never have thought of!



Once you’ve learned from our masters, it’s time for your team to get to the delicious work of making their own pizzas! 

Our chefs will help everyone along the way, including the all-important baking process in our specialized (and ripping hot!) pizza ovens.

Oven Temperature
Slices of Pizza


Once everyone has the pie of their dreams, we invite everyone to sit down and enjoy their creations.

 We’ll send everyone home with a full belly, recipes and tips for pizza making at home, and most importantly, memories of a great time.



Additional charges include a 20% production fee, venue, alcoholic beverages, and party rentals.

  • SF Bay Area, Southern CA and Dallas Areas: 16 guests minimum

  • Rest of country: 50 guests minimum

Two Fresh Pizzas


Per guest, including non-alcoholic beverages, instruction from our team of professional chefs, chef hats, and use of Executive Chef aprons,

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