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Deliciously Fun Corporate Team building Events

Unforgettable Cooking Team Building Challenges & Celebrations

Executive Chef will create an unforgettable corporate team building event that will be water cooler chatter for a really long time. Our team building cooking events are perfect for celebrating company achievements, entertaining clients, rewarding employees, welcoming new recruits, or just letting off some steam.

Skill Building While Having Fun Cooking

If you are a fan of reality cooking shows such as Iron Chef, Top Chef, Chopped or The Taste, then Executive Chef events will allow you to experience the fun of participating in a team cook off competition minus the stress of being eliminated! More than just simple cooking parties, our signature Iron Chef-style cook-offs are very popular with companies looking for a team building event that combines cooking with communication, skill building and critical thinking. Our Culinary Challenges are slightly shorter team building cooking classes that economize on time but pack in all the cooking skills and fun!

Your group will arrive to a selection of tasty hors d'oeuvres and refreshing beverages to get their palates revved up for an evening of food and fun. Guests then slip on chef hats and aprons and are divided into teams that work together to create their culinary masterpieces.

And, of course, once the cooking is finished everyone is invited to sit down, relax, and enjoy their culinary creations. When the evening is over, each guest leaves with new cooking skills, a full belly, and memories of a great time in the company of new friends.

Venues for Team Building Events

Cooking team building events can be hosted for groups of 15 to 2,816 people at your own facility or at rented venues across the US. We frequently host Iron Chef-style cook offs and culinary team building events in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Oakland, San Jose, Napa wine country), Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego), Dallas-Ft. Worth, Atlanta, Kansas City and Seattle.

If your city is not listed on our venues page or if you represent a destination management group, do not hesitate to contact us to find out what we can do for your group, client or corporate team. Given a large enough group and appropriate lead time, we can bring our team to most major cities to create an exciting team building event or cook off competition. For smaller teams and corporate groups, we do some “team building” of our own by partnering with chefs and demonstration kitchens in your area.