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Virtual Cooking Classes

Sometimes connecting with your co-workers in person is not possible to make them feel appreciated. However, there is the best solution to this, and that is to host virtual cooking classes. At Executive Chef Events, we have devised fun and interactive cooking lessons that are built around common pantry items. Also, we can customize the cooking class for your group. One of our professional chef instructors will cook the recipe live, and you can cook along with them at the comfort of your home. We will also provide answers to your pressing questions.

On average, in one hour, our professional chef tackles the recipe from top to bottom. Before we begin the class, an ingredient list is sent out to you. So everyone is on the same page when the class starts. So if you are looking for a way to stay connected from the comfort of your home, then these classes are perfect.


Virtual Classes for the Public!

When you can not be in one room with everyone else, for any reason, a virtual cooking class is the best option. It allows you to have a great time together and share memorable experiences. Our virtual classes can easily adjust up to 90 guests. Also, we offer various options for all the items that are required to prepare for the menu. The guests can either get their own ingredients, local pickup, or delivery and can even have the ingredients shipped and much more. Virtual classes are of 90 minutes and feature a 2-course menu, i.e., appetizer and entrée or entrée and dessert.


Cooking Class: Mediterranean Cruise 

We all dream of going on a vacation to an exotic location. However, until this happens, you can take a tour of Mediterranean cuisine in your own kitchen. We can help you to master new flavors and classic dishes alike. 


1. Roasted Spiced Chicken with Cannellini Beans & Cherry Tomatoes

2. Cucumber & Herb Tabbouleh

3. Moroccan Couscous with Kalamata Olives & Apricots

4. Hummus


Culinary Class: Charcuterie & Pickles

Do you need a light, savory, and easy to prepare meal that is ideal pleasant summer day? We can teach you the art of fermenting and quick pickling that can come with your balmy charcuterie plate. We teach you the basics of preparing your own cheese and making pickles that make a perfect accompaniment.


1) Pickle Brine & Quick Pickle Basics

2) Housemade Country Mustard

3) Stone Fruit Agrodolce


Cooking Class: Quick One-Pan Dinners

This is one pan meal that is considered as a master class in delicious simplicity. In this, we teach you how to prepare a meal just using a sheet pan and your oven. The bright flavors of the dish can win the heart of most picky eaters.


1. Seared Salmon & Sauteed Summer Vegetables

2. Smashed Potatoes

3. Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

Who are Virtual Cooking Classes for?



No matter you are a passionate home cook or a beginner, you can get the professional cooking class from Executive Chef Events. We offer a wide range of classes that can cater to just anyone.


Do you need to keep things interesting on your special day? Executive Chef Events couples cooking classes can help you with it. Our classes are almost the same as the restaurant, with a minor difference, which is double fun.


Book for any Executive Chef Events cooking classes, and we can adjust you in a group of fellow culinary enthusiasts. You can cook the dish and share it with your family members. Also, it allows the perfect way to meet new people in a relaxed setting. This type of activity is best for corporate team building.

Food and Drink Enthusiasts

Our cooking classes for groups can cater to all types of groups. If you are looking for a unique activity for your corporate team building, we can help you with it. We can arrange an online cooking class with a professional and entertaining chef who will assist you in making an event incredible.

With Executive Chef Events, you will learn something new in food and cocktails. We offer classes for a variety of cuisines to cocktail making, and everything else.

What to Expect?

Are you ready to learn something new in food and that too from professionals? Well, you are in the right place. All Executive Chef Events cooking classes are led by professional chefs and mixologists. So put that apron on and prepare yourself to learn your dish from scratch. Don’t worry; you will be given step-by-step cooking instructions.

Culinary Skills You Will Master

Regardless of what level of skills you have, our cooking class is designed in a way that gives you profound knowledge and skills you will master. At the end of the class, you feel like a pro.

Moreover, our cooking classes teach you techniques from basic ones to professionals. You will learn how to make various dishes perfectly, following our proven recipes. It depends on what you want to learn.

You can even take a mixology class and improve your cocktail-making skills. Will engage in a short challenge to concoct exciting culinary creations while learning professional techniques and enjoy the fruits of their labor with a shared virtual meal or cocktail reception. 

Book Your Cooking Class With Us Now!

Our customer support team is available to answer all of your pressing questions and provide you with more details. Call us at 800.975.6844 or send us an email at

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