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Large Scale Cooking Events

Executive Chef Events look forward to connecting with you and your team in the kitchen virtually! While learning how to create tasty and healthy meals together, we will build an educational and enjoyable food experience. We work hard to create the best virtual session of our in-person team building, private events, and workshops. We have been conducting large scale cooking events for several years.


Moreover, you learn to cook alongside one of our professional chefs, who will guide you through the process of preparing one or two menu items of your choice. Your cooking event will be customized to your desired requirements, and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions on everything culinary or nutritional.

You will receive all necessary information, including a shopping and equipment list, as well as preparation instructions, before your event. We join you virtually for an interactive event full of learning and fun. We'll assist the group in developing a passion for cooking and getting everyone ready to amaze friends and family with new dishes and techniques based on your goals. We never leave the virtual room until we are sure that we have shared all of our useful skills and tips with you.

Assisting You in Creating a Virtual Team Building Event

We can arrange an online group cooking event for you, whether you are searching for a fun way to build a strong bond, communication, and corporate team building at work. Whatever the event, our crew will ensure that it is one to remember!

Do you want to engage with your team in a fun and instructive way while working virtually? So, let us meet together in our kitchens as a team. People will feel more connected and engaged if they are learning something new. In the end, there will also be enough time to eat together.

Are you preparing to have an employee appreciation event? Consider taking our online interactive cooking class.

So, do you have what it takes to create a virtual corporate wellness program? It's our passion! Some of our virtual wellness options could be of interest to you! 

Whatever option you choose, we are here to help! Our expertise in team building, along with our cooking classes, creates a fun environment. The ideal way for showing appreciation and get creative solutions flowing. We at Executive Chef Events believe in the power of food preparation and eating and what it can do for your team!


Our Cooking Event Clients

Further, we have assisted several corporate teams with improved internal communication and knife skills. We have helped teams to get their cooking skills refined for several years. We have welcomed many corporate groups, large and small, local and the rest of the country.

Customize Your Event

We can design custom events to meet your company's needs. We have professional chefs and a wide choice of cuisines to choose from. It includes Middle Eastern, Indian, Thai, and Italian, and Nutritional cuisines.

Why Would You Choose Cooking As a Leadership And Development Activity?

Cooking is a unique way to get everyone at the same level, encouraging openness and the creation of new ideas. When we contrast it to other events, working together to prepare a delicious meal that is enjoyed as a group promotes a peaceful and sociable atmosphere.


Cooking is also a lot like working in an office, with task delegation, oversight, fostering experimentation, and sharing the outcomes as a team, making it ideal for teaching the soft skills that modern businesses require.

Please contact our customer support as soon as possible to help you plan an event that is appropriate for you and your company.

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