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Crepes 101: Making, Filling, and Folding

Welcome to Executive Chef's Primer on Crepes! Here you'll find information on making, filling, and shaping crepes into an array of shapes and tastes.

Now that you have a stack of crepes ready to fill, here are some pointers on filling them

with delicious flavors and folding them into different shapes. While the concepts discussed will work for any flavor of filling from savory to sweet, this primer will focus on sweet fillings.

  • Filling your crepe: When using spreadable fillings like peanut butter, sugar, or jams, use a bit less than you might want to - it'll make folding and moving your crepes easier, and the balance of taste between the crepe itself and filling will be more balanced.

  • You'll have a cleaner looking final crepe if you spread fillings out almost-but not quite- all the way to the edge of the crepe like this:

crepe 1.png
  • Want a chunkier filling? Roll 'em up! Crepes will nicely hold more chunky fillings like fresh fruit and/or whipped cream if you roll them up like an enchilada. Top your crepes with the same (or a contrasting) food to add flair and visual appeal. 

rolled sliced crepe.png
  • Fold 'em like an omelette, too! This is an elegant way to fold a crepe where you want a chunkier or thicker filling to shine:

  • Flat is fantastic too: The simplest way to present a crepe is merely to fold it! Fold into larger or smaller triangles once stuffed. You can then arrange multiple crepes on the same platter in an attractive pattern.

  • Shape and Repeat: Simplicity can be delicious if you repeat patterns and create height and shape with your finished crepes like this:

Rolled Nutella Crepes.png
  • It's a Cake - Literally! Stack crepes with light layers in between to create a show-stopping cake - no oven required.


Other tips and tricks:

  • When spreading fillings, less is more. Crepes are delicate and can break easily, so be gentle as you go.

  • Repeating patterns and uniformly sized crepes can create a lovely looking plate - use your imagination!

  • Taste your fillings before you use them - most -, but not every  - sweet filling plays well with others. Think about your flavor palette as you fill your crepes.

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