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Group Cooking Classes

Are you looking for engaging and fun group cooking classes? You are at the right place! Book one of our comprehensive classes led by the professional chefs at Executive Chef Events for an amazing experience.

We will assist your group in refining their cooking skills. Our cooking classes are perfect for any type of social event. Our class is perfect for a large group and get to gathers. We assure to create a personalized experience with turn-key execution. You just need to give few details and an honest budget, and the Executive Chef will create a customized experience.


Menus For Large Group Cooking Classes

At Executive Chef Events, we are passionate about three things. First and foremost, we focus on using organic, high-quality, and local ingredients of the local market. Next, we focus on helping individuals make delicious and healthy meals and incorporate them into their lives. Last but not least, we are committed to bringing the community together through preparing and sharing food.

No matter you want your team to learn something new in cooking, focus on healthy food, or gain knowledge on the basics of cooking, this format is perfect and provides a fun and relaxed environment for team building. Our cooking classes are engaging, and our chefs possess the expertise and can adjust according to the group skills level.

Further, do you want to build a team, team bonding, conduct virtual fundraising or just have a good time? Executive Chef Events will create a custom virtual experience that meets your needs. Do you want your meal ingredients, supplies, or prizes packed and shipped? We can assist you in this regard as well! We possess profound knowledge in executing fun and engaging event for your team, no matter what the size.

1. Profession Chef Instruction

2. Custom Theme, Menu & Recipes

3. Competitive or Non- Competitive

4. Ingredient Solutions: Virtual Shopping Cart, Printable Shopping Lists & Shipped Ingredients

5. Maximum 100 Guests

6. Includes & Chef, Emcee & a Producer

Make Your Large Group Cooking Class Special

Our class begins with an introduction. Once your entire group has introduced themselves, and settle in, then the class begins with a brief overview. The chef will describe the recipe and cooking techniques. After the chef is done with giving a review, you and your group are ready to enjoy an hour and a half of hands-on cooking!

Universal appeal

Group classes have something for everyone. Whether you and your group consider themselves novice in the kitchen or as a culinary expert, a cooking class that a professional chef leads will appeal to everyone.

With a wide range of recipes we provide to suit everyone, our tailored menu is based on your choice of date, time, and class length. Cooking class is one of the most versatile events. You just need to discuss your requirements with our sales team and leave the rest in the hands of professionals to create an event that is tailored to meet your company and guests' requirements.

What Should You Look For?

Obviously, you need a company that is experienced in hosting such events and classes. At Executive Chef Events, our professional chefs' team possesses profound knowledge and expertise to host your event and make it the best one. Choosing our cooking classes which expert chefs lead makes any event successful and memorable.

Also, our corporate cooking classes make a competitive environment. This friendly competition brings staff together and encourages team interaction. 

For information or details, call us at 800.975.6844 or send us an email at Our customer support team will provide a prompt response and answer all of your pressing questions.

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