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Treat your team to a grown-up Pizza Party with Executive Chef's Neapolitan Pizza Events!

One of the most popular offerings corporate groups have been enjoying this spring with Executive Chef Events has been our Neapolitan Pizza class. Designed to be flexible, this event can be adjusted to the spirit and needs of your group and can range from fun and creative to competitive and instructional. The one constant: your group will learn to make, bake, and savor an abundance of authentic 10" Neapolitan style pizzas, from dough to sauces to toppings.

Our dedication to pizza craft means your team will learn from and eat spectacularly good pizza. We use Roccbox Pizzza ovens - the best pizza ovens on the market - to fire pies at north of 800 degrees F, way hotter than any standard oven can reach. Learn our secrets of dough making, the surprisingly fun art of blending cheeses and toppings, and why simpler is better when it comes to your pizza sauce.

As with all of our events, the most important part is the fun we emphasize during cooking and eating. Groups can enjoy a simple lesson while sipping wine, or can embrace their inner competitive chefs and vie for bragging rights as to who makes the best pie - all taught and judged by our experienced, friendly chefs.

As with all of our events, we handle all of the logistics - from location, event programming and instruction, food and beverage sourcing, and staffing by our skilled team of chefs and culinary experts, letting your group relax after meeting a deadline, completing an offsite, or integrating new employees alongside an existing team.

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