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Virtual Corporate Events

Mobile Corporate Events


manage your next private virtual event

Executive Chef's years of event production experience can help your next private event go off without a hitch. 


Talk with us about managing your next private virtual event. We've managed Gala Fundraisers, Trade Shows, Product Launch Events, and Industry Insider Conferences, and we know how to mind the details to ensure your event is perfectly executed and your guests stay happy. 

  • We manage Event Hosting using either Zoom or the video platform of your choice, and can:

    • Manage event admissions, waiting room administration, breakout rooms, and more

    • Handle groups from 5 to 500

    • Spearhead start-to-finish participant communications, including sales and ticketing 

    • Craft effective marketing materials and handle Public Relations with your branding, message, and unique flavor


  • We work with your team to ensure technology doesn’t get in the way of your meeting’s objectives: 

    • Pre-event training and technical support, including setup assistance

    • Help optimizing video and audio quality for key users

    • Stress-testing of your key participants' network connections

    • Real-time, live-person administration and meeting hosting to ensure tech hiccups don’t derail your event


  • Let our team help you tell your story and connect with your audience with our skilled staff including: 

    • Hosts/Emcees

    • Auctioneers

    • Chefs and Culinary Experts

    • Live Entertainment