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Team bonding Event

Our team bonding events offer your employees a competition and enjoyment as they have never encountered before. Grab the knives and lit the burners, and create culinary masterpieces.

This event teaches them the importance of teamwork, learning necessary skills, and showing your employees how much you value them. This also makes it the best way to strengthen your organization's core and show appreciation to the people who get your job done each day.

How Does It Work?

We provide the best team-building event experiences that you will hardly find anywhere else. Also, our cooking classes offer the best opportunity to learn cooking skills from a professional chef. These events are full of excitement and non-stop energy.

Further, our events are custom-made that meet your timeframe and budget. We offer three primary ways for you to experience team-building events. You can select from the Iron Chef, Culinary Challenges, or Cooking Classes.


Moreover, our mobile events come to you. We can set up in your commercial kitchens, wineries, and art galleries to chic lofts and the great outdoors. Our mobile kitchen is ready to proceed with state-of-the-art equipment, which is efficient and safe. We also have experience working with resorts and hotels and can host your event on property.

Efficient Team Building Events Cooking Classes

You can tailor our team-building cooking classes to meet your company requirements, and with that, we also offer a variety of best and exciting packages.

Moreover, this cooking competition will get your team ready for success. Once they reach the venue, they are divided into teams to compete for the Master Chef title. Each team has a chef who guides the rest of the team in preparing the 5-star restaurant-style dish. 

After that, our panel of professional chefs will judge each dish for its taste, creativity, and presentation. In order to create a perfect dish, you need the perfect combination of organization, communication, tactics, and creativity. In the end, everyone tastes each dish made by every team, and the event concludes with a winner. Our culinary challenges consist of:

1. Spanish Tapas 

2. Southwest Salsa Challenge (Pairs well with a Salsa dancing class)

3. Party Bites 

4. Chili Cook-Off

5. Ace of Cakes (Cupcakes, Cookies, Gingerbread House) and many more


red cabbage slaw_edited.png

Team Building Events And Activities

We will make sure that your employees have a great and unforgettable experience. We've got some fantastic team-building ideas for you. Culinary competitions and games are just a few of our team-building events. You will be given points for areas such as organization, cooperation, taste, and presentation in our team-building activities.

Corporate Team Building Events Have Many Advantages

Corporate team-building activities might be your secret weapon for making your employees happier and more productive. Team building exercises not only foster trust and collaboration among employees and coworkers, but they can also result in more engaged employees who are more excited about their work and the company's reputation.

Culinary challenges can also be paired with a thematic buffet meal. However, it is for an additional cost and beverage services provided by one of our beverage catering partners. 

So, call us at 800.975.6844 or email us at One of our staff members will provide information regarding pricing details and additional information. We are waiting for your call!

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