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Virtual Chef Events

Virtual chef events provide a great opportunity for those who want to stay connected by hosting events. It is the best way to bring friends and community to engage in fun activities and take a break from everyday hectic routine. Your event will be led by professionals of the industry who provide support and guide you properly in everything you need. What’s important for them is to plan and deliver fun that your guests will love. 

We need food to live and energy to function. However, repeating meals throughout the week can make your life boring and less colorful. You need variety, which is why Executive Chef Events is offering Zoom cooking classes that can help you experience food variety and don’t even have to leave your home.

In fact, we offer a comprehensive range of cooking classes so you can choose the one that fits your requirements and budget. In our classes, you and your guests work alongside our professional chefs and learn various cooking recipes side by side in real-time. They teach you important tricks, tips, techniques, and culinary best practices.


Interactive Zoom Cooking Classes Online

Once you book your class with us, you will receive an email with a link for a conference call. Further, a list of ingredients will be provided to you in advance before the class starts. Although, in some online classes, we can deliver the ingredients to you.

Our virtual cooking classes are the best and easy way to learn a new dish or cuisine. The class is led by a talented chef, and each member of the group gets to make a scrumptious meal, demonstrate their cooking skills, and enjoy the delicious creation. Usually, our cooking classes include:

1. 60 - 90 minutes of Professional Chef Instruction

2. Multiple Recipes and Techniques

3. Non-Competitive

4. Virtual Shopping Cart and Printable Shopping Lists

5. Shipped Pantry or Complete Meal Kit Options

6. Minimum 20 Guests / Maximum 100 Guests

7. Includes a Chef and a Producer

A Team of Professional Chefs At Your Service!

At Executive Chef Events, you will be guided by professional and passionate chefs. Our aim is to teach people how to make great food and have a great time at the same time. Our cooking events will bring your staff closer together and teach them new cooking skills.

All of our chefs have been cooking for several years. They all possess expertise in different cuisines and can make these classes filled with fun, flavor, and engagement during these most unusual times.

Virtual Cooking Classes--Delicious and Fun!

Our full line-up of cooking classes is best for corporate events. You get to see and learn to live how to chop, mix and roll away different delicious dishes with your co-workers and something to share with your family as well. You and your group get to learn valuable culinary skills and new delicious recipes, have fun while cooking and expand your taste buds, and discover that real food can be really good.

Moreover, we can also customize our cooking classes to meet your requirements. Just share with us your requirements and leave the rest in the hands of professionals. Want to learn how to make cocktails? We can arrange that for you as well.

Get In Touch With Us And Know About Current And Upcoming Virtual Class Offerings! 

You can find more about our classes and register for one of our zoom classes, where you get the opportunity to learn and benefit from the professional chefs hosting your virtual events. You can give us a call at 800.975.6844 or send us an email at

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