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virtual chef experiences

Are you looking for fun virtual chef experiences?

Do you want to engage with your staff, friends, and family in a fun and engaging way?

Executive Chef Events virtual cooking classes are the best choice. With a minimum class of 20 and a maximum of 100 people, we will take your group through a step-by-step process and create an authentic meal at home.

Also, we offer affordable prices in our classes and can help you in choosing the ingredients for your class. 

You Get to Enjoy Interactive Cooking Experience

A team of professional chefs leads our cooking classes, and these cooking experiences are best for those who are foodies and love to socialize along with a competitive twist.
Engage with your chef virtually and explore various dishes from the comfort of your home. Customize your online team-building event for total team success. 

In addition, add a twist of competition, and you have got the perfect way to boost your team morale. Executive Chef Events cooking competition is also best for those individuals who are curious about food and want to refine their culinary skills in the kitchen.

So if you are looking for the best way to put excitement in your online team building, then look no further than our cooking classes that professional chefs lead. Executive Chef Events provides a perfect recipe for a perfect virtual event: having fun and making memorable experiences.

Learn New Skills From Professional Chefs

We have a team of professional chefs that will lead the class and make sure to leave the whole team smiling.

Our classes are an amalgamation of creativity, productivity, and fun. Executive Chef Events cooking classes also give knowledge on problem solving skills.

Moreover, our professional chefs will closely work with you to bring the best online team building activity. They also know how to take your online team building to the next level.

How do Our Virtual Events work?


Please choose one of our classes and fill out the contact form. After that, one of our customer support members will get in touch with you and help in creating an unforgettable event.

Confirm Event Date

You need to mention the specific date and time of your class. Sign the contract and give a deposit which will lock in your event.

Check Your Email

You will receive an email with all the needed materials. It includes ingredients, recipes, videos, login info. Ingredients shipped directly for select events.

Log In to Event

When it is the time of your event, you just need to log in and meet with your chef. Also, this is followed by introductions and icebreakers.

Class Review

You will be given a class review on the class description, kitchen safety, and virtual kitchen. They set up tips and a review of ingredients and equipment needed.

The Chef Begins

The chef instructors lead it, and the guests create dishes based on recipes or set guidelines and various culinary techniques. Also, questions and answers are encouraged.

Your Work Begins

Guests are then divided into virtual breakout rooms for Iron Chef competitions and culinary challenges.


The Finale

Once the cooking is done, the guests get to share their creations with their group fellows in a fun virtual dining experience. Winners are also announced for competitive events.

Book Our Classes Now!

So don’t wait and explore our professional events and take the online team building to the next level. Everybody loves to have delicious foods and friendly competition. With our group cooking classes, you are assured of getting the best online team building activity. Send us an email today at or call us at 800.975.6844 and ask for the next available class. 

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