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Preparing Eggplant



Executive Chef Events has Cooking Classes for the Public!

You and a family member can join one of our Fall cooking classes for only $39.

Each experience is a 90- minute Chef guided cooking class. 

Explore new flavor profiles and learn expert techniques live from a professional chef.

Zoom Log-in, Kitchen Set Up Video, Virtual Cart Link, Printable Shopping Lists, and Recipes provided via E-mail the week of the event.

Book now below!

Roasted Chicken

Cooking Class: Mediterranean Cruise 

We're all ready for a vacation to an exotic location, and until we can make that happen, this menu lets you take a tour of Mediterranean Cuisine in you own kitchen. We'll show you how to quickly master new flavors and classic dishes alike. 



Roasted Spiced Chicken with Cannellini Beans & Cherry Tomatoes

Cucumber & Herb Tabbouleh

Moroccan Couscous with Kalamata Olives & Apricots



Cured meat and cheese platter of traditi

Culinary Class: Charcuterie & Pickles

Need a light, tasty, easy-to-assemble meal that's perfect for a balmy summer day? We'll teach you the art of fermenting and quick pickling to accompany your own charcuterie plate! We'll give you the basics on how to assemble your own cheese and charcuterie board (with a bonus challenge for the best-looking plate!) and learn how to make pickles that will be perfect as an accompaniment.



Pickle Brine & Quick Pickle Basics

Housemade Country Mustard

Stone Fruit Agrodolce


Sheet Pan Baked Pink Salmon, Potatoes an

Cooking Class: Quick One-Pan Dinners

This one-pan meal is a master class in delicious simplicity. We'll teach you how to craft a meal using just a sheet pan and your oven. Cleanup is a breeze, and the clear, bright flavors of this menu will win over even the most picky of eaters.



Seared Salmon & Sauteed Summer Vegetables

Smashed Potatoes

Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette


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