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Virtual Corporate Events

There is no sure-fire recipe to have a productive team. The corporate team needs to feel engaged, connected and appreciated at all times. Most of the time, it is not possible to meet every person personally. However, this does not make an excuse to get them to participate in group activities. Our virtual corporate events are a sure way to have all the individuals working remotely connected to their colleagues.


At Executive Chef Events, our aim is to form memorable experiences for your team, share fun and laughter, and all of that at the comfort of your home. Moreover, these virtual events allow you to cook together, eat together and most of all continue to strengthen your team bond together.

What we offer is a comprehensive range of online programs that meet your objectives. 

The syllabus of our online masterclasses and cooking classes built a resilient and lively workforce. Moreover, our classes are inspiring, stimulating, and engaging, along with being educational and fun.

Furthermore, our cookery classes and event can be a single one, a group, and the length of the program depends on your preference. Highly qualified chefs led the event who possess a background in food, business, and corporate life. Thus, bringing a wealth of knowledge from all spheres of life.

At Executive Chef Events, the experts planned the events, and all the relevant information is provided to your team members. So, this is something that you need to participate in the activity.

Customize Your Corporate Event


At Executive Chef Events, we can create custom-made events that best fit your company requirements. Our chefs are expert and experienced who offer a whole range of cuisines that ranges from Middle Eastern, Indian, and Thai to Italian and Nutritional.


So, let us design a hands-on cooking party or culinary competition. It will bring your staff closer together and equip them with mad cooking skills. 

For more information or details, you can give our customer support team a call today. So, call us at 800.975.6844 or send us an email at


Why Choose Cooking As Your Team-Building Event?

Usually, cooking is seen as something that is performed with family or loved ones. It gives a nostalgic feeling of home life and arouses a variety of emotions that breakdown the professional barriers. In the end, it enables a fantastic team collaboration with colleagues.

Further, a cookery event not only allows you to cook in your own kitchen but also makes your family members participate and become a part of the event. At the same time, it helps to break down and enable individuals to feel more relaxed and enjoy cooking with their families.

One thing is for sure, as compared to other activities, cooking is more comprehensive and does not isolate those individuals who are unable to join physically. Also, it does not create a fiercely competitive atmosphere that deters the true purpose of the event, and that is fun.

In addition, cooking also allows the participants to get practical skills and hands-on experience. This is essential as they achieve expertise in making healthy and delicious meals at home.

In our cooking event, it allows the participants to showcase their skills and also compete with one another. They can create amazing dishes using their secret ingredients and surprise twists along the way.​

1. 90 minutes of Professional Chef Guidance & Tips

2. Competitive Team Cooking Without Recipes

3. Timed Cooking

4. Virtual Shopping Cart & Printable Shopping Lists

5. Shipped Pantry Mystery Box Options - Click to learn more!

6. Minimum 20 Guests / Maximum 100 Guests

7. Includes 2 Chefs, Emcee & a Producer

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