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Virtual Experience

Are you thinking about arranging a get to gather at your place? Are you looking for some inspiration for the dinner preparations? With online cooking classes, you can interact with your chef, ask questions while you cook, and make the memorable virtual experience. Book our cooking classes now and learn new dishes and expand your skills from the comfort of your home.

During this pandemic, we have turned to use online platforms that keep us connected with our family and friends. So those who want to learn cooking and are unable to do it traditionally can join our virtual cooking classes and enjoy the best experience.

Many of us aspire to become great cooks. Making homemade scrumptious dishes and treats is just food; they make the dining experience memorable. But most people pass this perfect living as a dream that cannot be fulfilled. On the other hand, they think this is for those who enjoy a more relaxed life. We live in a fast-paced world where busy individuals rely on conveniences, whether fast food, dining out, or using prepared meals. However, these online cooking classes provide you with the opportunity that you can easily improve your culinary skills.


How Online Cooking Classes Work?

You can ask any chef from where he/she learned to cook, and the answer won't be you expect that is from books, cookery programs on TV, etc. Even if you ask your local restaurant chef or the executive chefs of 5-star hotels, the answer would be the same: they learned from chefs. So if you are unable to attend traditional classes, you can learn them from your home too. Virtual cooking classes allow you the opportunity to learn and improve your culinary skills from professional chefs. Gain knowledge, listen to their experience, and rediscover your passion for cooking.

Executive Chef Events online classes are led by professional and top-class chefs. They make the classes easy and fun and guide you in improving your culinary skills for life. All of this will be done in a relaxed and sociable environment. Staying in your home, you can make your cooking not just a regular chore but an enjoyable experience. Learn from Executive Chef Events' professional chefs, and soon you will feel proud to say yourself an expert chef.

Executive Chef Events offer a wide range of cooking classes for everyone with different themes, lengths, and dates. It allows you to adjust your schedule around your classes and lifestyle. Whether you are a novice or an experienced cook, you are assured of finding a cooking class that suits your requirements.

Mixology Kits and Wine Tastings

Do you need a cocktail for a quick happy virtual hour, or a mixture of wines for an in-depth virtual wine tasting, or perhaps opt for some seasonal mocktails to go along with your virtual experience? Don’t worry! We have got you covered. If you have a specific drink in mind, don’t hesitate to share it with us. We will look into it.

Buffalo Bites & Homemade Hot Sauce Cooking Class

This cooking class is best for groups as you learn how to make this snack and share your experience of how you deliciously master these crispy and easy oven-baked wings. If you are a vegetarian and need a veggie option, then go with our flavor-packed - Buffalo Cauliflower Bites. You have the option to choose any one of the dietary options, and then we teach you few tricks to make sure you make the most crispy, moist wings with as little help as you want. This menu includes:

1. Buffalo Chicken Wings or Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

2. Ranch and Blue Cheese Dipping Sauces with Celery Sticks

3. Homemade Hot Sauce tailored to each person's preferred heat level

4. Grab your favorite brew or try one of our shipped cocktail or mocktail kits.

Virtual Cookie Decorating Class

In this class, our partner Batter Bakery will bring you Seasonal Cookie Decorating Kits. It provides you Virtual Piping and Cookie Decorating Experience. You can choose a holiday theme from the cookie kits options that are listed below:

1. Superbowl

2. Valentine's Day

3. St. Patrick's Day

4. Easter

Every chosen Holiday theme kit includes items that have specific colors and shapes that match the specific Holiday theme.

1) 6 Undecorated Cookies 

2) 3-4 Royal Icing Colors

3) 3-4 Sprinkle Varieties

4) Decorating Tools: Single-use piping bags, long toothpicks, and disposable spoons

5) Shortbread & Royal Icing Recipe (delivered through email)

6) Piping & Decorating Infographic (delivered through email)

7) 4 Professional Piping Tips & 2 Couplers

8) Powdered Sugar (for adjusting icing)

You can send these cookie kits to all of your guests, and our pastry chef will demo using multiple piping and decorating techniques. This cooking experience is perfect for teams as they get to know one another in a relaxing environment while decorating cookies, sharing experiences, and in the end, eating their creations. If you want to add a beverage to your theme? Get in touch with our Event planners, and they can help you find the perfect Mocktail, Cocktail, or Wine to go along with your selected theme.

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