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We can‘t be physically together right now but we can still build meaning together through virtual shared experiences.

 INTERACTIVE virtual events, right here, right now!



Our Iron Chef Challenge partners professional chefs with your participants so the best (or most confident) chefs in your organization can compete with one another to showcase their skills in their own kitchen with secret ingredients and surprise twists along the way.

  • 90 minutes of Professional Chef Guidance & Tips

  • Competitive Team Cooking Without Recipes

  • Timed Cooking

  • Printable Shopping Lists

  • Shipped Pantry Mystery Box Options - Click to learn more!

  • Minimum 20 Guests / Maximum 100 Guests

  • Includes 2 Chefs, Emcee & a Producer

Pricing Starts at $90 Per Person​

Additional Collateral:

Custom Embroidered Aprons

Chef Toques

Team Trophies

Custom Stickers & Labels

Custom Printed Collateral


Roasted Chicken

Executive Chef’s Virtual Cooking Classes are a great way to learn a new dish or cuisine! Your guests work alongside our talented chef instructors and learn by cooking recipes side-by-side in real time with our staff, learning tricks, tips, techniques and culinary best practices. At the end each member of your group enjoys a delicious meal of their own creation.

  • 60 - 90 minutes of Professional Chef Instruction

  • Multiple Recipes & Techniques

  • Non-Competitive

  • Printable Shopping Lists

  • Shipped Pantry or Complete Meal Kit Options

  • Minimum 20 Guests / Maximum 100 Guests

  • Includes a Chef & a Producer

Pricing Starts at $90 Per Person

Example Cooking Classes:

Mediterranean Cruise

Pizza Making

Sheet Pan Dinners

Quick Pickling & Charcuterie


Cooking Eggs

Work alongside our culinary professionals and master a dish or cocktail. Guests will engage in a short challenge to concoct exciting culinary creations while learning professional techniques and enjoy the fruits of their labor with a shared virtual meal or cocktail reception. Executive Chef will supply ingredient and supply lists for the challenge and instructions on setting up your kitchen, safety, and ingredient prep. Through our beverage partners, we can ship wine nationwide (except UT, AR, or NH) and deliver spirits in California and Western States. 

  • 45-60 minute Professional Chef / Bartender Instruction

  • Single Recipe & Technique Focus

  • Timed Culinary Challenge

  • Printable Shopping Lists

  • Pantry / Beverage Ingredient Box Options

  • Minimum 20 Guests / Maximum 100 Guests

  • Includes a Chef / Bartender, Emcee & Producer

Pricing Starts at $75 Per Person​

Example Challenges: 

Omelette Race

Signature Grilled Cheese

Virtual Happy Hour Mixology

Dazzling Charcuterie Board


Decorating Cocktail

Team building, team bonding, virtual fundraising, or just a good time. Executive Chef Events will custom create a virtual experience with your needs as the driver. Do you need ingredients, supplies or prizes packed and shipped? We can help there too! Shipped solutions paired with virtual events truly creates a unified virtual event. Food and Beverage (culinary and mixology) - we've got the knowledge to execute a fun and engaging event for your team no matter the size. 

  • Profession Chef Instruction

  • Custom Theme, Menu & Recipes

  • Competitive or Non- Competitive

  • Ingredient Solutions: Printable Shopping Lists & Shipped Ingredients

  • Maximum 100 Guests

  • Includes & Chef, Emcee & a Producer

Pricing Starts at $2,500​

Past Custom Events:

Classic Cocktail Mastery 

Martini & Manhattan Masterclass 

Bloody Mary Kit & Omelette Class 

Cheese & Charcuterie Board & Wine Pairings Event

Thai Cooking Class

V. Iron Chef
V. Cooking Classes
V. Culinary & Mixology Challenges
V. Custom Events
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