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Plan a Grill Challenge This Summer For a Fun Outdoor Event

Charles Gall, Executive Chef Events

While many event venues continue to reopen throughout 2021, Executive Chef Events is cognizant of the need to plan our deliciously fun culinary teambuilding events in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces and venues.

Our Iron Chef competition is a fan favorite and provides a fun, light competition among friends and colleagues while teaching guests how to plan and execute a full menu on the fly from ingredients available to all teams. We bring the thrill of television cooking shows to your group in a fun, supportive environment that stresses creativity, learning, leadership and fun.

For those concerned with holding a large-scale team building event in an indoor venue, we can design a special Iron Chef Grill Challenge to take place outdoors in an open-air venue that provides guests with fresh air, room to move, and some mad grilling skills!

When planning your next corporate event or offsite, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss venues in your area that could host a Grill Challenge or other outdoor culinary teambuilding event.


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