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The Best of Both Worlds - Combining In-Person and Virtual Culinary Events

Everett Doner - Executive Chef Events

I bet most of us can agree that Zoom fatigue is a real thing. It’s likely that you have spent far more time in front of your computer in the past year than before. While it’s safe to say we’re all ready to resume life beyond quarantine, it’s wise to realize that while in-person events will resume, video conferencing as we’ve come to know it will very likely stick around, too.

This article over at blogoval serves as a great reminder about just how well cooking classes and team building activities that use food can be. Such virtual classes can be much less daunting and stressful, particularly for new and aspiring chefs, and while the ability to share in the tasting of each others’ creations, a part of learning to cook is establishing our own sense of what we like and don’t like - something very easily done by online cooking classes.

Necessity has forced Executive Chef Events, like most folks out there, to learn how to communicate, learn, teach, and hopefully have fun virtually instead of in person. With in-person events now starting to resume, we’re excited to be able to seamlessly offer all of our events going forward as either live, virtual, or hybrid. Hybrid simply means that for teams that want to hold a live event, we can offer a virtual component for those at home. What makes our hybrid offerings distinct is that at home participants will be able to fully participate in the fun that a larger group is doing, from instruction to shipped ingredients to the competitive element we offer!

We’ve added the ability to film and stream all of our live events, regardless of the venue a group might choose (and we have dozens of venues across both the SF Bay area and nationally that we love to work with!) Hybrid culinary team building events really do offer the best of both worlds - the ability to gather in-person with friends and team-mates, along with the safety, convenience, and comfort experienced with in-home virtual cooking events.


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